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5 Success Mindsets to Boost Impact & Sales with Integrity
Designed exclusively for the  spiritual entrepreneur, business owner & marketer
What if selling doesn't have to be so hard or feel so weird anymore? 
What if writing copy can feel as natural as chatting with your best friend?
Well, the good news is it can be easy with the right copywriting mindsets!

In this faith- and spiritually-inspired guide, I'll share with you the 5 success mindsets I gained through 10+ years of copywriting experience, which helped me move past the "ethical struggle" I used to have with copywriting and learn how to write words that sell (without compromising integrity or authenticity).

These mindsets powerfully combine to help you navigate past the #1 struggle honest entrepreneurs face when writing copy.
Overcome common writing struggles
Find out the essential mindset to unleash your true voice which effortlessly attracts your ideal target audience.
Transform your relationship with words
Learn the faith- and spiritual-inspired mindsets of sales to confidently lead your business into higher sales and income.
Transform your relationship with sales
No dirty tactics. No pushy marketing. When selling is aligned with your soul, your business becomes a container to fulfill your purpose.
Build a business aligned with your soul & purpose
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Lisa Zahran is a writer, copywriter, and founder of Ikhlas Copywriting Academy & Services. 

With over 10 years of experience writing copy, Lisa's copywriting has been used to launch digital products and services for companies likeEvercoach, Productive Muslim, Tribe47, Mindvalley and Quran Academy. She also has a collective experience of over 15 years in creative writing, publications, public relations, and blogging.

Lisa has helped many of her clients authentically communicate their message and amplify their impact, including helping them achieve successes like million-dollar launches and launching books that reached the New York Times bestseller list.

Her philosophy on copywriting is that it's much more than just writing words to sell stuff. It is the art of being an activist with a pen — one who pushes forward the words that can create action which provide value, improve lives, or make a positive difference in the world.

Thus, she believes copywriting should never be pushy, forceful or manipulative just for the sake of creating a sale. This type of copywriting may lead to short-term sales, but they do not create long-term value or lifetime customers. 

Believing the most powerful sales comes from sincerity, her approach to copywriting comes from an intent to push forward a message of value, purpose and positivity. Only when your communication is aligned with your authenticity and integrity, can you build a long-lasting legacy of abundance and impact in your business. 
About the author
Whether you're writing an email, social media post, web page or brochure, the 5 mindsets in this FREE e-booklet is essential to make your words create impact and sales - in a way that simply feels good.
Authentic, sincere sales is possible